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Yoga Testimonials

I decided to try yoga classes after feeling run down and tired due to health issues and work stress. I had done one or two yoga classes over the years, but it was mainly new to me. I approached Ali at TWS and, feeling encouraged by her warm and welcoming style, decided to attend her class. Over a year later, I look forward to my weekly time away from work and family - time just for me! From the start, Ali made me feel comfortable and offered me advice as to which class would be best suited to my needs. The class I attend is a real mixture of yoga abilities, and Ali is responsive to this, always providing options to suit everyone - depending on whether you feel like a gentle or more challenging session. Now that I feel more confident, I try out the more advanced options, and always feel safe to do this, following Ali's step by step instructions. Ali includes elements of mindfulness and, although this is something I am familiar with in my work, it has never made so much sense before! I enjoy learning new ideas and techniques, and some of these have become part of my practice at home. I feel healthier and happier as a result of practising yoga, and I would recommend Ali's classes to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, warm and motivational yoga teacher.

Charlotte Griffiths, North Cave

Ali's classes are always a high point in the week. She manages to combine gentle authority with open-mindedness, curiosity, a sense of fun, and good humour. Ali has the rare ability to really know people, appears to be utterly unflappable, and is a great advert for what she teaches. Couldn't vouch for her piano playing, however.

Andy, South Cave

Yoga with Ali, has helped me physically, mentally and spiritually. Every class is different and carefully prepared. Mindfulness is the watchword and unlike all other aspects of modern life, yoga is not competitive. My flexibility and strength have improved markedly, making a niggling back problem I have suffered with for twenty years, a thing of the past. I have finally learnt to relax and feel a happier, healthier more balanced individual. I would (and do) certainly recommend Ali’s yoga classes to everyone!

Sarah Woods, West Ella

I have been doing yoga, on and off, for just over 8 years now and I have to say that Ali is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had. Ali has a very relaxed and good natured style and she is great at teaching the complete benefits of yoga - not just the physical benefits (which are huge), but also the benefits of mindfulness and good breathing practice. Ali is great at sharing her obvious passion for yoga and wellbeing and I really enjoy learning about yoga techniques that I didn't even know existed and putting them to the test. I have been inspired by Ali to practice my yoga deeper than I ever have before - not through any pressure to push myself outside my limits, but rather through encouragement and motivation from Ali to do what is good for me personally. Since joining Ali's classes around 18 months ago, I have dramatically improved my core strength and flexibility and I feel much more toned and relaxed. Ali is an inspirational yoga teacher and I would recommend her to anyone - you won't be disappointed!

Sue, North Ferriby

Having had three knee operations and overall joint pain I wanted to improve my flexibility, posture and strength. Ali is an inspirational teacher in a calm, relaxed and friendly way. She teaches the insights and awareness of the postures enabling you to explore the practice of your own ability. She enlightens you through the breathing and relaxation practices to develop a great sense of well being and balance. After six enjoyable months I have greatly improved in all areas.

Zoe, Swanland

Following two years of chronic back pain I was finally diagnosed with two bulging discs and after receiving the necessary treatment the pain subsided to a level which is now more easily controlled but my strength, flexibility and posture had been compromised.

Within the first week I joined three classes, I was immediately energised but with an overwhelming feeling of calmness. Ali displayed great awareness and structure throughout each lesson moving through each pose carefully and illustrating variations designed to help individuals at any level. Most importantly Ali demonstrates different breathing techniques, by being more mindful and observing your breath it allows you to give more attention to the pose, making each stretch more powerful, connecting body and mind.

My strength, flexibility and posture is increasing daily, through the classes taken with Ali and practice taken at home. Yoga has benefitted many aspects of my life and although I found it difficult at first to "switch off", the relaxation taken at the end of each class is a very powerful tool leaving me feeling uplifted.

Natalie, Kirkella

Having never been sporty I was apprehensive before my first yoga class. I had no need to worry as Ali is a fantastic teacher and by the end of the first class I was hooked.

Each pose is carefully demonstrated and explained along with variations tailored to your individual circumstances and limitations. Throughout the pose Ali observes if you need to make any adjustments. So you can be confident that you are performing the pose in a safe manner.

Since coming to yoga I have noticed a variety of benefits; some quite unexpected. I initially came to yoga to help relax and deal with stress. I was not expecting to develop a new awareness of how I bottle up stress and emotions up and the effect that has on my body. The poses and breathing techniques taught by Ali have helped me identify and start to address that habit. As well as being more accepting of my feelings.

Physically, I feel healthier not only because I am less likely to bottle things up but my body feels stronger, my posture has improved and I feel more energised. Along with this I have found my desire to snack or comfort eat has reduced.

TWS Yoga Student

I began yoga classes with TWS in February 2013, initially to tone up and increase my fitness. I do quite a lot of running and Ali said yoga would help with that. She was spot on, my running has improved, but not only that, I have been able to relax more, my breathing has enhanced my practice and I have become more flexible. Ali is a great teacher, making you feel comfortable and inspiring. No two classes are the same and I really look forward to the classes which I go to twice a week (work permitting). I have a stressful job and feel that yoga has helped me to cope so much better. Going to yoga has given me a sense of wellbeing and some ‘time out’ from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Janet Annan , Swanland

As a runner over time I’ve developed imbalances in my gait and posture. Since joining Ali’s yoga class I have improved my posture as well as my physical and psychological well being; I am more flexible, with better proprioception and breathing.

Yoga is non-competitive and therapeutic. I believe it does unite mind, body and spirit, and encourages a healthier approach to life. Practising yoga improves my mood and increases my subjective well-being and self-awareness.

Ali is a fine yoga teacher. Thoughtul and calm she demonstrates the yoga movements with grace, fluidity and poise. She chooses different exercises from one week to the next,catering for the abilities of everyone in the class.I find myself looking forward to yoga on Thursday night. Being aware of the village pond outside and the village brass band practising downstairs, I ‘step off the wheel’ of daily routine and enjoy my yoga practice – with involvement and detachment – and I find this rewarding by being uplifted, spiritual and meditative.

Trevor Mission, Swanland

I decided to try yoga after bilateral shoulder surgery and a broken ankle. I realised I needed to gain strength, flexibility, and to see if I could improve my range of movement within my joints. So I decided to join the Swanland yoga classes on a Tues and Thur evening at the local village hall. I attended my first class with an open mind and was made very welcome by Ali and the rest of the class. Ali is a wonderful teacher who encourages you to work with in your own bodies limits, as she quotes ‘ it is not a competition do what you can do’. Ali demonstrates and verbally instructs you through each pose, showing the different difficulty levels you can choose to work at.

I have been practicing yoga for approx 6 months and I have noticed a few changes with in my body. My flexibility has greatly improved through out my body. My shoulder and ankle range of movement has increased and they are a lot stronger. Because of the poses we achieve my core strength has improved too. Because yoga is also centered around your breathing I have a lot more energy and improved lung capacity, but the last thing I didn’t expect was I feel revitalised  and much more in balance with my life.

Tracy, Swanland

I have a very stressful job and being in Ali's yoga classes have helped me relax and increase my flexibility which has been very helpful, she has a very nice easy teaching style for all levels and she is very friendly and welcoming.

D Walker.


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