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Yoga for Teaching Staff / School / College Teachers

Ali specialises in working with Teaching Staff, delivering 'Mindful Yoga' in schools. She also has many current and retired Teachers in attendance at her public classes in Swanland. Ali has worked with a wide range of local schools and educational organisations including Hymers College, Cottingham High, Wakefield School for Girls, Scarborough College, South Holderness Technical College and more.

The classes are compact yet powerful and can easily be incorporated into the school week, whether at lunch or before or after school.

Key benefits:

  • Gym clothing not necessarily needed - loose fitting work clothing is usually OK
  • Compact 40-45 minute sessions with powerful results
  • Fosters a close relationship in the group, developing positive energy & productivity
  • Can help with aches and pains (headaches, back issues, neck pain, certain injury)
  • Non-teaching/support staff are also welcome

Quite often the sessions can be included within a forward thinking staff wellbeing policy.

Please contact me for more details on the sessions.

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Testimonials from Teaching Staff

Our yoga sessions at lunch-time on Fridays with Ali have become a highlight of my week. They get the balance right between being informal - you don't need to be experienced or especially fit or flexible (although it's OK if you are), and you don't need special clothes or equipment - and being done properly such that you really do feel great afterwards. Ali is so talented - she explains the breathing and movements really clearly, goes at a perfect pace, and makes everyone feel as though they're valued. At the end of the session without fail, I feel uplifted, positive and and wonderfully refreshed. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough: ideal for tired, stressed, time-poor teachers who want to achieve a degree of mindfulness and need gentle leadership in how to do it.
Rachel Elstone, Hymers College

The last thing on your mind after a long hard day at the chalk face is going to an exercise class or trying out something new - well think again! Ali's yoga classes are perfect for relaxing and reinvigorating both mind and body. You can work at your own pace and rest assured that you will feel the benefits after a session. All of the teachers who took part in my establishment enjoyed it - and our classes were on a Friday after school! Give it a try!
Sally Roper

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