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Personal Training and Therapy Testimonials

I 'found' Steve by doing a web search and am so very glad I did! Having had a very persistent illness related back problem, which seemed to not want to go away, I needed help and that is what Steve provided by devising, after the initial assessment and monitoring the condition in subsequent sessions, a simple to follow set of exercises which improved my flexibility hugely. I now do these daily which takes no more than ten minutes and can manage the pain and stiffness as a result without constant recourse to medication. As an added bonus Steve asked me to change my approach to food by cutting out unnecessary carbs and my second goal of losing weight has been achieved and still counting down without much hassle or effort. I am very grateful to Steve for helping me manage my condition better and shed some excess weight! Thank you, Steve!

Ilona, Hull

Due to a squash accident my ankle was in great discomfort for a few weeks, after all I was doing was 'resting' my ankle. After seeing Steve for just a few days, applying exercises linked directly to my problem I could feel my ankle getting stronger by the day at an impressive rate! With Steves professional guidance and expertise he was quickly able to source the problem and apply a correct and safe program to get me back in the court. We think we know our bodies but most of us probably know very little, let the experts step in when needed! Would highly recommend Steve at TWS Wellness LTD and all involved.


I have worked with Steve at TWS for a few years now and he really takes the time to understand what my goals are and the best way to train me. Everything we do is movement based and functional, so nothing like a gym, which is much more motivating and better for all-around fitness and function. Steve is really friendly and down to earth, so the environment he creates is really positive. I'd recommend anyone who is looking for help to feel fitter, healthier and move better to give TWS a try.

Tom Jones, Hull.

After a major knee injury, tearing ligaments whilst skiing, I had a body which had to rest for more than ten weeks and nothing was as it was before. On top of this, I moved to the UK from Germany and had some bad experiences with the NHS system which resulted in my recovery being extermely slow at best.

Luckily I stumbled over this nice, black sign of The Wellness Studio in Swanland that said "injury and rehab". I did not know what to expect, but felt comfortable from the beginning. Steve took great care, realised my deficiencies and led me step by step back to normal life. Sometimes I even had no idea how to do an exercise; my legs were somehow not connected to my brain. But Steve cut the movements I needed to regain in bits (like a cake) which I could follow.

We have come a long way together, from wearing a knee brace and struggling just to walk without it, to a knee that can run, jump, cycle and move in a similar way to before the accident. I have loved every session, sometimes it was like a kids game/sport party, working on movements that would be functional to my everyday life. We have worked together for over a year and I will dearly miss him and our sessions. 'We will get there' and 'great effort' where some of the words of encouragement Steve used often, and ones that I needed to hear, especially when I felt they came from his heart.

Thanks to Steve I am now even better than before.

Annette. Swanland (Now back in Germany!).

I have just completed 10 sessions with Steve over a five week period for help with my back movement, lifestyle balance, and nutrition intake. Steve was very professional when teaching me the stretching and exercise program to strengthen my lower back which I continue to do every morning. Steve also filmed my personally tailored 8 stage stretching and exercise program for me to use as a reference guide which I find really helpful to look back on to make sure I continue with the right techniques.

Steve's knowledge on nutritional (real food) intake is very impressive, he makes it very simple to understand and easy to do. He teaches this with great personal passion and easy manageable step by step guidance which makes a pleasure to do and not a chore.

The results have exceeded my expectations and I have learned much more than I thought I would do. I am continuing with the very simple and easy to understand personal package for my movement, lifestyle and nutritional intake which makes me feel better and think more clearly and I've naturally slowed down, learning to take my time and think about things before I do them.

This is an investment in myself which will last me a lifetime, If you want to move, eat and feel better I would highly recommend you contact TWS Wellness.

Thanks, Steve.

Dale Waterson, Hull.

I had been suffering with back problems for 15 years and was finding that the pain free periods were getting less and less. The usual routine of physio exercises were not helping any longer, and the only solution from the doctor was stronger pain killers.

I contacted Steve as I had read about his back pain solution package and thought that it might help resolve my underlying problems. Within a matter of weeks the increase in flexibility and freedom of movement was noticeable, as was the lack of lower back discomfort. For the first time in years I was finding that I would get out of the car after several hours driving and be able to stand straight and not be in agony. The real revelation came after a 4 hour walk and my wife hadn't realised that we had walked so far and not once had to stop to let my back recover.

Am now taking feeling "normal" for granted and doing tasks that have been unthinkable for such a long period of time.

Wayne, South Cave

I am 43 years old and came to Steve as a last resort really, after enduring lots of pain in my knees and hips for years, I constantly wondered if I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I was very sceptical before we started, however, with Steve's help we have worked on a number of mobility exercises (focusing on the ankles mainly), and with practice, practice, practice and progressing my sessions on a weekly basis, it has made an enormous difference. The pain I was getting in my hips is no longer there, and although there is still is some way to go with further improvements to my movement, the difference it has made to me and my life has been phenomenal. I am massively grateful for everything that Steve's done, thank you Steve!

Rich, North Ferriby

I have trained with Steve for approximately 3 months and have enjoyed seeing real improvements in my flexibility and range of movement that now allow me to move without the pains I once had. Steve's approach to exercise is unique in my experience. The way he trains is unlike any other personal trainer or fitness expert I have known. The routines we have worked on are both varied and enjoyable, whilst at the same time specific to my needs and goals. I have also benefitted from Steve's in depth knowledge of healthy nutrition, food types, and good sensible diet advice. I would certainly recommend TWS Wellness to anyone who is looking to improve their movement, whether it be for a particular sport, or to simply lead a more normal pain free life.

Mark Bentley, Golf Professional

After suffering for years with a lower back problem and sciatica, I decided to book a few sessions with steve as he claimed he could help, and he hasn't let me down. The back problem has disappeared and the sciatica has all but disappeared. My flexibility is also improving all the time. I would whole heartedly recommend steve to anyone who is suffering with some form of injury or pain. He's a thoroughly nice guy who does what he says he can and actually makes the sessions fun.

Angie Sneddon, Hull

I was looking for something different and a bit more challenging and Steve was recommended to me a couple of months ago and I haven't looked back since.

I have found myself reaching new levels of fitness and flexibility and within three sessions with Steve, stretches and techniques have eliminated a painful hip problem I endured for 6 months.

I would recommend Steve not only to solve injury problems but for new challenges and goals in fitness.

Vanessa, Hull

I first met Steve in the gym when we discussed my squatting technique, and how it could feel much better if I took a short 30 minute session with him. I am also a keen walker and told Steve that I tend to get lower back pain when I walk long distances and sometimes pain in my hips.

I took him up on his offer and have never looked back! After the first session where Steve worked on my ankles, it was difficult to believe the difference just walking around town, it's as if I was walking on stilts before. Now I can feel all of my foot rolling across the pavement and my leg joints feel much looser. In the wet, where normally I do a sort of semi shuffle to avoid slipping, I felt confident and had the balance to walk normally.

Thanks Steve for making something that I took for granted so much more relaxing and enjoyable. I look forward to future sessions.

Denis, DW fitness member.

I had been suffering from a shoulder problem when Steve was recommended to me. The shoulder difficulties meant I could not sleep because of the excruciating pain, day to day living was problematic as my movement was also restricted and this meant I could not continue with my normal activities in the gym. After just two x 30 minute sessions with Steve the difference is dramatic. Not only do I have full movement in my shoulder, I am able to have a restful night’s sleep without pain and am back to enjoying life and the gym. Thanks Steve.

Paula, DW Fitness member.

After a very successfull and encouraging 4 months with Steve I have seen drastic improvements in my flexibility, body movement, strength and general fitness. I have found Steve's training programmes very creative and educational. My own knowledge and awareness has developed and Ii now actively encourage this way of training in my every day life. My recent developments have encouraged me to re join a squash club and essentially become more active! I have found TWS warming and very effective, right through to Alison's yoga class which I have also tried on occasion. Thanks guys.

Phil Parsons, Brough.

"I am a very busy 50 something female, working within a gym environment and over the past few months I have found myself making more and more excuses as to why I do not have the time to exercise. I met Steve when he was in the gym working with some of his clients and liked his approach to each individual. I decided to take the plunge and book a few sessions.

Our initial meeting involved a chat about my work what exercise I like and my goals. I explained my goal of running another marathon on my 60th birthday (not too long away) and that I was flat footed, basically rubbish at running but I used to enjoy it, stressing to Steve and I quote “I DO NOT DO SQUATS AND LUNGES” . Steve asked why and I explained my problem. Low and behold Steve had my stretching (lunging and squatting) like I have never stretched before and after the first session found that instead of having to pull my left foot up to put on my shoe as I normally do, I did it without any effort. I was stunned. I went for a run that evening and felt easier in my back and hip joints than I had done for quite some time. I have just had my third session today and even more progress has been. I promise you it really has been that quick! I simply cannot imagine what I will feel like when he has worked his magic in a few more sessions.

Steve listens, watches and most of all encourages. He is a very talented individual who really cares and who is an absolute pleasure to work with. I WILL achieve my goals, I know that now. But I don’t think I would even have started without Steve.

Pat, DW Sports Fitness Staff Member, Hull.

"I enlisted the help of Steve due to my back pain and foot pain. After one session I have to say the pain is about 90-95% gone, in fact, I feel like a sping chicken! Thanks Steve, looking forward to my next session and being pain free again!"

Millie, DW Sports Fitness Staff Member, Hull.

" I first met Steve at a taster session at the Patrington Haven Country Club. I was having trouble focusing on my fitness  targets mainly because of my decreased energy levels. I also had a mobility problem in my right shoulder. I booked 10  sessions with him, and his methods were a revelation, no pumping iron or gym machines involved! It was all about strengthening your body with moves that you use everyday. Afterwards, I had no problems with the shoulder and could manage full crawl in the swimming pool again! During the sessions we also discussed diet, and how I could increase my energy levels with tweaks to my food intake and quality. Result:  I am now less tired, fitter and stronger, and have lost a stone in weight...what more can I say - big thanks, highly recommend"

Sue, Patrington.

'I had been experiencing a niggling knee pain for a few weeks which gradually got worse to where walking was uncomfortable and I had started to limp. Until it became very painful, I had just put it down to old age, being 66 years young. However, I contacted Steve and found out that this was definitely not the case. Within 15 minutes of meeting Steve, he had managed to reduce the pain considerably and my limp was almost unnoticeable, by the day after our session it had improved even further. Within 2 days of using the simple home exercise I was given, the pain has now gone completely, thanks Steve!'

Fay, Hull.

Thanks for sorting out my painful glute and lower back. After experiencing soreness for a week, Steve managed to cure it in an hour, no more pain!

Rachel, Hornsea.

After a third ankle operation I still had problems walking and could not wear flat shoes without pain. Within the first session, Steve had me walking without shoes on, I could not believe it had happened! I can now walk in flat shoes for the first time in 3 years.

Jenny, Country Club Member

After an injury to my shoulder I could not lift it up very high at all and there was a noticable difference between the left and right. I actually saw Steve for some nutritional advice but got a lot more than I bargained for, as he had my injured shoulder moving the same as the good one within 15 minutes!

Margaret, Country Club Member

I had to have an operation after snapping two ligaments in my ankle and was totally immobilised for two weeks and in a foot boot for a further four weeks after the surgery.  After my recuperation I found the hospital physiotherapy inadequate in helping with getting full movement back to my ankle, it was very restricted to say the least.

I had a consultation with Steve and had belief he could rehabilitate my ankle and regain my lost movement, and am pleased to say I do not regret my decision.  After a number of weeks of sessions (two per week), I now have increased movement and flexibility in my ankle and rarely notice it at all, and am well on the road to a return to full training.(Which I previously enjoyed before the accident). Steve also worked on my hips and other areas of my body to bring about a better balance thoroughly looking into why the injury may have occurred in the first place.

Steve knows the body well and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Guy, Beverley

I am 63, lead a fairly active lifestyle & would regard myself as 'not bad for my age', however, over the years I have been gaining weight, I weighed 14st 10lbs at 5'9". I also had problems with my general movement & realised that if I did not do anything about it, I could not expect to have an active lifestyle in later life.

My wife & I decided to join the Country Club and were introduced to Steve Wileman, who has become our personal trainer. In 7 weeks my movement has improved beyond my wildest dreams, I have altered my lifestyle slighty by not eating bread & halving my wine intake and am now 13st 2lbs (from 14st 10lb) & have free movement. I feel so much better, mentally & physically.

I believe you can't be told to alter your lifestyle, it has to come from within, however, without Steve's help and knowledge I would not have achieved these results.

Philip Beal, Country Club member.

I am not the kind of person that had ever considered a personal trainer before. Having avoided physical activity for most of my life it took some difficulties to drive me in Steve’s direction.

Since a fall down some stairs in 2008 I have had back pain, leaving me unable to carry much or stand for prolonged periods, and as a teacher that made a significant impact on my work.

A year later my wife and I had a baby. I found it difficult to hold or carry my son for long periods which was obviously quite distressing. A year later I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Treating this meant having to remove my thyroid leaving me with low energy levels for 6 months.

I finally decided I needed to improve my energy levels, increase my fitness, and find a solution to my back pain. I chose the TWS Holistic Lifestyle Package.

Steve has helped me to change my diet away from junk foods to wholesome, nutritious, filling meals full of flavour. His home based stretches and exercises led to my pain disappearing in just a few weeks. After a month I had movement and flexibility I hadn’t even had before my fall and my energy levels were picking up. Now I am nearing the end of the program I find myself able to move and enjoy my life in ways I never expected. Instead of watching my son play I can get involved, picking him up and rolling around.

Hiring Steve was one of the best decisions I ever made. He has not turned me into someone who goes to the gym, as I didn’t want to be that person, but has enabled me to enjoy life without pain and  I can heartily recommend him.

Kevin, West Hull.

I am a 27 year old female and have a full time desk job. Over the past five years I have developed numerous aches and pains and had started to develop a hump in my back along with other postural problems, I also had trouble sleeping. I had initially sought the advice of a Chiropractor who provided me with a small number of exercises to undertake weekly which were very difficult to do on my own, I also had three months worth of chiropractic treatment, however this did not seem to help and actually caused me more pain.

I decided to look for a personal trainer that would not only be able to help me with my posture but teach me how to balance my diet and lifestyle too as I often work 50 hours a week plus and have no motivation to work out or eat regularly. I am of average build and was not really interested in losing any weight and was very careful about which personal trainer I choose as I did not want to be hitting the gym 5 times a week. Steve was fully supportive of this and understood that I wanted to learn to train on my own in my own home so that I would feel comfortable and able to continue the training after our sessions had finished.

I chose the holistic lifestyle package and trained with Steve for 12 weeks. The corrective exercises and stretches were designed to improve my posture and help me relax in times of stress. My training plan was constantly evolving as I developed and Steve always did alternative exercises on our training days to keep my interest up and provide a change from my weekly routine. As I gained flexibility I was able to see a rapid improvement in my ability to hold my head up, straighten out my spine and maintain better posture. I could actually stand up straight and no longer had trouble sleeping.

Steve was a constant source of motivation and advice, he was always able to reassure me if I had a bad week. He also educated me on how to manage whilst working in the
office and how taking regular breaks and doing simple stretches at my desk could make a huge difference to the way my body felt when I got home on an evening.

Steve has provided me with a wealth of knowledge not only on postural exercises, but relaxation, lifestyle, diet and nutrition. I now have a very good understanding of what make me tick so to speak and how to manage when aches and pains develop, I also have a fantastic exercise plan that I can stick to and really helps with my posture and I don’t need to visit a gym.

I look back and remember how I used to feel after shopping with my mum in town for only two hours and how my back would be breaking and I would have to sit down and rest whilst my mum (22 years my senior) would be happily shopping away, those days are now long gone and I am so proud of myself and thankful to Steve as I was able to do the Hull 10K for charity in May and had no back pain what so ever after only 9-10 weeks of training sessions. I can now shop till I drop!

I have a training plan that I can stick to and a fantastic education in health and well being.

Thanks Steve!

Rachel, Hull

I am an extremely busy 61 year old publican and my job is demanding, working long shifts with a huge amount of responsibility. Before I met Steve I was struggling, I had no energy, various aches and pains, and was overweight at 20 stone. I knew that something had to change in my life so I decided to search for someone that could help me. I was drawn to the holistic lifestyle coaching that TWS offers and arranged to meet up with Steve to see if I thought he could help. Needless to say, four months on, I am absolutely over the moon with the holistic lifestyle coaching that TWS provides!

It’s been an absolute revelation for me. Unlike personal training services that just focus on weight loss and exercise, Steve took an overall view of my life, and we went through absolutely everything that might be affecting my health and wellbeing, including things like sleep, my job, stress levels, lifestyle etc, etc. Steve gradually introduced simple changes that I found easy to make, and every single small change has had a massively positive effect on me.

I realised I was eating poor quality food, was dehydrated, and was not taking the time to look after myself in general. I had stomach acid which has now completely disappeared. My joints were so stiff that I literally struggled to get out of bed in the morning – now I get up refreshed, as I am so much fitter and flexible. My aches and pains have disappeared and I have lost a lot of weight despite eating more food (with lots of quality organic oils and fats!). I never go hungry and am now much more aware of my body and what I actually need to maintain my energy and feel good.

I’ve found preparing food and cooking easy – really going back to basics, eating like we used to before convenience food, sourcing organic produce and using gadgets like my slow cooker to help me save time – no excuse even if you are working a 12 hour shift! I now realise how awful junk food makes you feel if you eat it all the time and I now eat a majority organic diet with the odd treat, and have not found it difficult – most of the supermarkets stock a lot of organic products too which helps. My Dad is 91 years old and even he is eating more organic food!. You are never too old to make changes for the better.

Steve is a nice guy and easy to talk to. He has taught me a lot, and I learn so much every week. He makes it easy and interesting. It’s nice to have someone supporting you and inspiring you to keep on going in the right direction.  We have also worked on my posture, and I have a corrective exercise and stretching plan that I enjoy outside of my sessions with Steve. I now stand up better and have released a lot of tension in my muscles, I am actually taller!

I am taking a well deserved holiday soon and am looking forward to taking my notebook, so I can continue with my movement programme, and enjoy time away from work, which I now realise is so important to my health. I have made some significant changes to my business with the help of Steve, including organising staffing arrangements so that I can take better care of myself. My customers have commented that I look a lot healthier, and because of the stretching and movement programme Steve prescribed I am able to now get my leg easily on the bar which is a great customer talking point, especially when I see people 20 years younger than me struggling!!.

All in all I would recommend TWS's holistic lifestyle coaching 100%. If you are busy and stressed and feel like you need to change, Steve is perfect for you. He looks at the whole package, and points out things you would never have thought of on your own. I am happy, confident and look forward to living to a ripe old age just like my Dad!.

Dave - Patrington

15 months ago I was off work and could barely walk due to my bad back - yesterday I set personal bests for squats and deadlifts. Many thanks go to Hull based personal trainer Steve Wileman for his advice on streching that has really helped with my rehab.

Jon-Paul Nellist - York

.In 2008 I had a lower back problem which following long intensive physiotherapy resolved it.  At the same time I had a problem with my shoulder which resulted in a lot of pain and very limited movement.  I had an operation to resolve this at the beginning of 2009 which improved my mobility but the physio I undertook wasn't as successful. However I had more movement and less pain so accepted this but where possible avoided using my left arm in case of making my shoulder worse than it was. All of this made me very reluctant to exercise in case of hurting my back and worsening my shoulder.  In June, after much trying, I found out I was pregnant and was very overjoyed at this but sadly miscarried.  I was very upset, lacked confidence, had no energy or motivation to want to do anything and was comfort eating.  I decided that I needed to focus on myself and increase my energy and motivation and improve health but couldn't do it alone.  I tried contacting one trainer who sounded too much like a sergeant major and would make me do a 100 sit ups if I failed, which I didn't need!  I found Steve through searching on the internet and after reading the testimonials thought that this was the approach I needed.

I met up with Steve and the first session proved invaluable as it gave me a opportunity to see what Steve was like and what he did and I realised that he was just what I needed.

5 months on...

Following a great nutritional and corrective exercise plan put together by Steve I now have energy I never realised I had.  I have the get up and go to do things that in the past I would have avoided.  100% movement in my shoulder and arm and I now go about my normal day without even giving it a second thought.  Steve has devised an exercise plan that has taken into account my back and shoulder problems and it has helped with movement and strength. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and have a lot more confidence and my family and friends have noticed a huge positive difference in me.  I really enjoy the sessions we have (even though I do pull a face at some of the exercises) but it is at a good pace that challenges me and Steve keeps me motivated through the sessions. I no longer have food cravings and Steves approach to nutrition is sensible and inspiring and I've not had the urge to comfort eat when things have gone bad.  I know what foods help and recognise how I respond to certain foods and so can get a good balance to give me energy for the day.  I recently suffered another miscarriage, but with the help of Steve and by using all the techniques we have worked on in the previous 4 months, I got through the upset and day to day challenges and remained positive and focused.

I have tried every diet under the sun in the past and many sessions in the gym to lose weight and I achieved more with Steve in the first 10 sessions with him than I have done in 10 years of dieting and pounding the gym.  If you are reading this as you're looking to achieve good health and vitality then get in touch with Steve and get booked in. It's definitely the way forward.

Jess - West Hull

I first met Steve because the trainer I had been working with was relocating. I subsequently contacted him and Steve came to meet me and we talked through my exercise history, my lifestyle and my diet.

One thing I explained to Steve is that I get bored of training if it is the same way each time and that I needed some variety to keep my interest in wanting to train. Steve told me that his methods of exercise work perfectly for this because his programs are designed to be functional in day to day life rather than using machines in a gym and that each session will be different because we will keep adding new exercise moves and stretching routines.

It was different to how I had trained before, and I am so pleased I stuck with it because over the last five months I have enjoyed each and every session, have felt stronger in my body, happier in my body, and look forward to continuing the training. There has been a marked difference in my energy levels, posture and co-ordination, not to mention an overall sense of wellbeing and weight management.

Steve is a very friendly and knowledgeable person, I have learnt a lot about nutrition, exercise and general well being. I would be more than happy to recommend him.

Matt, Patrington.

I contacted Steve in a moment of desperation, both wanting and needing to lose weight, on this occasion specifically for my wedding.

I’ve tried many times to lose weight and hit the gym in the past, but have only ever succeeded for short periods of time before reverting back to old habits. Steve was open and honest from the off, there is no ‘quick fix’, it takes hard work and determination. However Steve soon taught me to start seeing the bigger picture, and understand that what I was eating was not only affecting my weight, but my energy levels, mood and general well being. Making small changes such as eating breakfast and drinking more water along with increased exercise had my energy levels through the roof.

My programme with Steve was constantly adapted to push me as I gained in strength and confidence and it never became mundane. In the first couple of weeks Steve told me I would be doing things I never thought possible (I didn’t believe him!!) but it was true. My initial first programme a few weeks down the line ended up being just my warm up session!!

I’ve learnt so much over my time with Steve, and not just about exercise and weight management, but about me, my food intake, my energy levels and general well being and what I can do for myself to get the most out of my life!

Kelly, West Hull

"I have been working with Steve for over six months now and I have achieved great results both physically and mentally. Steve's approach means it's not just about body image but also about feeling good from the inside out. He does this by finding out the right foods for you and what makes you tick, working on the whole package and taking things back to basics. I feel much stronger physically and mentally after working with Steve and have reduced my stress levels.

Steve tailored the programme to my individual needs meaning I got the best training possible. It has been hard work but we have had a laugh along the way and I will definitely be booking in sessions when I am back in Beverley."

Amie Taylor - Beverley

I decided that I needed to work with a personal trainer in order to get me on the right path and help motivate me because I was struggling to do it myself. I spent considerable time researching personal trainers on the internet and had a strong feeling that TWS could work for me. After speaking with Steve it quickly became apparent that he was very experienced in his field and that he would be able to motivate me.

I found the initial assessment period very helpful as I was able to share with Steve what I wanted from the sessions and Steve was able to explain how he would help me to achieve them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, they have been well paced and varied. Steve is very adept at knowing just how far to push and the motivation and encouragement he gives is great. He is very non-judgemental and is good at helping to boost confidence. I have been very pleased with the results I have achieved - my flexibility has improved a lot and I have even seen some muscle definition on my arms - the first time ever!! Steve does not simply get you doing certain exercises - he explains what the exercise does for the body!

I constantly struggled with my weight and have done every diet under the sun. I have managed to lose weight in the past, but results have been a very quick fix and unsustainable. I have constantly been hungry due to not eating the correct combination of foods and have found myself thinking of food for most of the day. The nutritional plan that Steve has introduced me to is not rocket science - good wholesome foods, but as you seem to be able to eat so much more than on a diet, it feels weird at first. I fully embraced the plan from the beginning and am now a fully fledged convert. I am never hungry between meals and I am not preoccupied with food now because I know I can eat (the right foods) when I am hungry. As a vegetarian I have had plenty of food to choose from and enjoy them all. I am very happy with the weight I have lost because it has come off slowly and steadily and is staying off at long last!

Steve has been a very friendly trainer to work with. He is highly motivational (words of encouragement between sessions really work!) and helps you to respect your body and feel good about yourself. I am confident that I will keep up the good work and would have no hesitation in booking 'top up' sessions if I ever felt I was on a slippery slope to destruction again! 
Jo Harrison - Hull

Since starting with Steve I have lost over a stone, gained muscle, strength, better posture, nutritional knowledge and I am not so tired. My training has become enjoyable again, and has challenges and goals that are achievable without injuring myself.

I was going to the gym and getting bored, and my weight was up and down for years, I just wasn't getting anywhere. With Steve's help I have changed my eating habits and am loving the food. I eat loads more than I did, even my kids are eating better!

I've found Steve's approach to training a refreshing, well educated change, it was the boost I needed to sort everything out. People have commented on how healthy I look! Steve's approach is professional and friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, whether new to training or an old hand at it. 
Nikki, Keyingham. (Former Women's Great Britain Rugby squad member)

Steve is easy to get on with and is highly motivated. He has a deep knowledge of food groups and how they can combine with exercise to help lose weight, he spoke passionately about diet and what I should be eating, and why. This has certainly worked and I am happy to report that it has become fairly routine to change what were habits of a lifetime. I am now far more aware of the contents of foodstuffs and understand the labels, and what to look for. I eat more vegetables and generally fresh food, tins have almost vanished from the cupboards!

I have lost weight and become fitter which was my goal. It really does make a difference having a trainer on your shoulder giving encouragement and education. I have spoken to friends and work colleagues about the experience and have always recommended it, and will continue to do so. 
Graham Borrill, Hull.

I would definitely recommend TWS to anyone who is looking for motivation and inspiration to exercise and make changes to their lifestyle. I initially booked a series of sessions with Steve after I had become very bored by the gym and was not seeing any positive results. Exercise had become a chore, I felt tired and unwell most of the time. I had seen personal trainers working with clients at the gym. More often than not they seemed to be standing around with their arms folded next to the treadmill whilst their client ran on, and on... I knew that this would not motivate me, I wanted to find a more 'all round' approach which would help me to change my fitness and lifestyle. I spent a long time researching on the Internet and Steve's site was the only one I wanted to consider. His attitude to food, sleep and work / life balance has really helped me to put things into perspective. I now feel positive about no longer being a member of a gym. Steve has taught me so many different exercises that I can do without even leaving the house! It's really easy to mix up the different moves so that no two work-outs are the same. I've also made changes to my diet, sleep patterns and the number of hours I work. Steve is a very friendly trainer with a great sense of humour which definitely helps! 
Vicky, Cottingham

I undertook the TWS Fast Track Personal Training Package with Steve and am really pleased with the results. I felt unfit and wanted to lose weight, and I selected TWS as they had a professional image, and were able to train me in my home near Hull when it was convenient for me. Steve is friendly, and before I met him I thought I might be intimidated by the training and him, but I didn't feel that way at all, and our sessions are always relaxed and friendly, but hard work (of course!). I have already lost a stone, feel healthier, motivated and more confident in general, and have learned a lot about healthy eating and nutrition. I now know how to keep my energy levels high, understand the importance of regular eating, and Steve's advice has helped me to fit it in to my lifestyle. I really enjoy the weight training, and I have surprised myself at how much stronger I am!. The package gave me an excellent kick-start in the right direction, and I am motivated to keep progressing. I am continuing to train with Steve. He is friendly, helpful, motivating, and offers me lots of advice. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. 
Rebecca Bisby - Thorngumbald

I needed to get back in to training after a break, and booked the TWS Fast Track Personal Training Package with Steve. I really enjoyed the experience, Steve is a pleasure to work with, and I have learned a lot. Steve helped to motivate me to work really hard, and I noticed definite changes straight away. I have achieved all of my goals as regards weight management, blood pressure and strength, and Steve has really pushed me, and inspired me to get and stay motivated, which can sometimes be difficult if you are training alone. As a sports professional myself - I am a goalkeeping coach - I have used some of the techniques during my own sessions, particularly in the areas of flexibility, and also using different ways to train various body parts. I have also learned more about nutrition which has been very useful. I chose TWS because their initial image was professional, and after meeting Steve I realised he knew what he was talking about, and thought we would really work well together, which we did. I will continue to use him in the future and would definitely recommend him to anyone. 
Adam Hobden - Howden (Professional goalkeeping coach)

My TWS experience has been excellent. I would recommend Training with Steve without hesitation. Steve gave my son aged eleven an excellent six months training programme. Each session was carefully planned to meet the needs of my son, Steve engaged him with stimulating exercises and play to ensure each session was fun and without pressure. He provided my son with good instruction and knowledge about the importance of having a good diet and plenty of exercise, which he often refers to and I'm sure will stay with him as he grows into a young man. Steve is an enthusiastic and approachable trainer and I would recommend him highly to anyone who is serious about learning how to improve their lives through good diet and exercise. 
Breda C Wright - Hull

Initially I saw the promotion of TWS in the Hull Daily Mail business section, It seemed to be a sign, as I had been thinking about doing something to help me tone up/lose weight/get fit etc. When I met Steve and explained that I wanted to lose weight to make my clothes fit better, and that I wanted looked better. I also said that I knew that it would not happen over night, and was looking more for a longer term project and to train on a regular basis. My concerns were that I had suffered with back problems for some years and this had prevented me in the past being able to exercise to much or do anything to strenuous. Steve seemed to treat this a priority along with my other goals, which to be quite honest I hadn't thought that it was something that could be improved, I thought it would be something we would work round.

The sessions started with the health checks and the nutrition, and the food in particular daunted me a bit, as I am/was a dedicated eater, with a love of all things bad. I expected it to be really hard going, and also expected to be hungry most of the time. I couldn't have been more wrong, I am actually eating more now than I did before! The food plan was introduced gradually, so it wasn't a big shock, and I now can't believe that I can say no to the regular round of cakes and chocolate that circulate the office I work in. The other bonus is that I can still have balanced treats, so I don't feel as though I am missing out. As regards the exercise itself to be honest if Steve didn't challenge and encourage me the way he does, I probably wouldn't accomplish the things that I have done. I would never have imagined that I would have been able to 'dead lift' the weight that I do now!. I am now aware that to make a difference, you need to work at it. Steve has also encouraged me to take longer walks with my dog, and to generally keep active. My back is now 100% better due to the time and patience Steve has shown, which I never thought would happen. I am not keeping track of my weight, but I do know that I have dropped at least one dress size, and have had a lot of comments that I have lost weight, but not only that, I feel healthier, have more energy and have the confidence to attend circuit training classes and look forward to returning to skiing some time soon. All in all, TWS has helped in a lot more ways than I anticipated, and I recommend it to anybody.
Rachel Fox - Thorngumbald


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